Clients & Sectors

Clients & Sectors

The Terrex Group has significant operations experience in:


  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Development
  • Coal Seam Gas Exploration and Development
  • Coal and Minerals Exploration, Development and Operations
  • Groundwater Identification and Mapping
  • Underground Carbon Storage
  • Vertical Seismic Profile
  • Micro-seismic and Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring
  • Engineering and building surveying (Terrex Spatial)
  • Local and regional government surveying and asset management (Terrex Spatial)


Terrex Seismic, Terrex Geophysical, Terrex Contracting and Terrex Spatial work cohesively to build a sustainable long term business providing seismic geophysics and support services integral to successful exploration and development of Australia's natural resources.


Terrex Spatial supports Terrex Seismic and Terrex Contracting with seismic surveying services, in addition to providing a full service surveying solution for clients in the mining, local and regional government, and engineering sectors.


Terrex Seismic has specific expertise in a wide range of commodities, working in partnership with clients to project manage their exploration requirements. For each seismic exploration  program, Terrex aims to optimise survey designs and recording parameters, customise crew equipment configurations and crew personnel selections, to maximise the value for money of the data acquired.


We consider each dataset to be a valuable asset, to be integrated by our client with all other geophysical, geological, petrophysical and engineering data acquired throughout the exploration and development program.