Our Strategy


Mission Statement


  • To use state-of-the-art technologies to develop innovative solutions to complex surface and subsurface imaging problems
  • Continuously improve 3D seismic image resolution through increased volume and density of sampling
  • Develop "minimal environmental and cultural footprint" solutions to acquiring seismic data to improve client's land accessibility
  • Continuously improve our safety performance and the skills, training and reward of our employees


Our People


Executive Management

Stephen Tobin - Executive Director

Greg Dunlop - Chief Executive Officer

Chris Kneipp - Chief Financial Officer


Australian Operations

Richard Barnes - Senior Operations Manager

Terry Ernst - Operations Manager


Business Development Group

Leeton McHugh - Business Development Manager

Ben Shave - Business Development Operations Advisor

Megan Nightingale  - Business Development Geophysicist


Terrex Geophysical

Richard Barnwell - Senior Geophysicist


Health, Safety & Environment

Sean Breaker - HSE Manager