Project Management

Project Management
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Our highly experienced team of Operations Managers and Senior Geophysicists are equipped to manage your project from the pre-planning stages until completion and reporting, encompassing approvals and access as well as survey and data management and post-survey restoration and monitoring of information. Terrex has the experience and established systems to ensure the management of a range of crucial factors are taken into consideration in each stage of the project. The areas of the project management in which we can assist include:


Contractor Management

Working closely with contractors involved in the process, including land clearing contractors and interpretation contractors.


Land Access

Assisting clients to gain land access and environmental approvals..


Environmental Management Plans

Undertaking project management of ground work that meets strict environmental controls and checks, and we ensure compliance with environmental legislation across Australia. This includes the development and negotiation of Environmental Management Plans (EMPs). We also assist, prepare, submit and implement project safety and security plans.


Stakeholder  Management

Where requested, liaison with key stakeholders including government departments, native title representation bodies, industry representatives, seismic and environmental contractors and landowners and NGOs on behalf of clients.


 Indigenous Relations

Undertaking project management of ground work to ensure compliance with relative Native Title, cultural clearances and anthropological requirements.


HSEC Compliance

Ensure that all seismic, surveying and line clearing activities comply with the relevant government legislation, Terrex HSE management system and the Client's HSE management system.


On-ground Management

Provide in-field management for all field operations from line clearing to rehabilitation.


Local Engagement

Engage with local communities, including local recruitment and sourcing local supplies where possible.


Post-seismic Reviews

Undertake reviews post-survey to generate understanding of environmental impacts and stakeholder relationships including native title, landowners and community members.


Project Management - General

Assist clients with project scheduling, cost tracking, forward planning of resource requirements, logistics and reporting.