Terrex Services


Terrex Group Services:


The Terrex Group is a leading technology-focused seismic solutions provider incorporating:




At a glance, Terrex provides the following services:


Terrex Seismic


  • 2D/3D/4D seismic acquisition surveys for the oil and gas, minerals and research
  • High resolution land seismic surveys using vibroseis and explosive sources,
  • Large and small scale remote desert crew operations (fully mobile camps),
  • Transition zone seismic surveys using the latest nodal technology,
  • Man portable dynamite operations,
  • Deep crustal imaging and regional transect surveys.


Terrex Geophysical


  • 2D/3D/4D design, acquisition and processing services,
  • 2D/3D/4D survey design and parameter selection,
  • Processing and analysis of start-up parameter tests,
  • In-field survey planning and analysis of coverage prior to shooting,
  • In-field quality control (QC) of seismic, navigation and auxiliary datasets,
  • Peak particle velocity monitoring,
  • Project management, planning and permitting assistance.


Terrex Contracting


  • Line clearing and restoration services,
  • Up-hole drilling and logging services,
  • Environmental and camp site restoration,
  • General civil works such as road building, drill pad preparation, well site pits, surface drainage, environmental compliance works and fence line clearing.


Terrex Spatial


  • GPS surveying, line pointing and pegging,
  • Seismic exploration surveys,
  • Machine guidance,
  • Engineering and mining surveys,
  • Gravity, geodetic control and engineering surveys,
  • Borehole se-tout and surveys,
  • Monitoring surveys,
  • Well location surveys,
  • Pipeline and power line location surveys,
  • Groundwater mapping,
  • High resolution LiDAR spatial mapping and imaging,
  • Terrain modelling,
  • Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB) upgrades.