Why is the industry going nodal?

Why is the industry going nodal?

Nodal technology is revolutionising seismic acquisition by reducing environmental impact and expanding exploration opportunities to places previously deemed inaccessible.


Compared with traditional cable-based seismic data acquisition systems, nodal technology allows for fast deployment, recording and transcription of seismic data surveys.


Nodal technology requires less equipment and therefore reduces crew sizes, resulting in less manual handling and requiring fewer vehicles. Fast implementation also reduces the time spent on the ground before production can commence.  Using nodal systems also eliminates issues to do with random noise and animal damage to cables. Another advantage is that there is no downtime for repair, recorder move-ups or morning trouble-shooting, making nodal system recording extremely efficient. 


The SmartSolo nodes are compact, lightweight and easily transportable, which allows for high-density point receiver geometries.


Nodal technology reduces crew sizes and costs


The low-down on nodal technology:

 Reduced equipment

  • Reduced crew sizes
  • Improved health and safety outcomes
  • Minimised environmental impact
  • Improved ground accessibility
  • Increased productivity with no lost time on recording system
  • Reduced costs
  • No compromise on data quality
  • High density, point receiver geometries