New Nodal Recording System


SmartSolo® Nodal Recording System


As part of our commitment to bring new seismic acquisition technologies to Australia, Terrex introduced the first truly cable-less recording system in 2012, the Zland system developed and built by FairfieldNodal.


After 4 years of trialling and exploring the strengths & weaknesses of various "cable-less recording systems",Terrex is again at the forefront and has identified an exciting new technology which signals a quantum leap forward in HSE, Technical and Commercial outcomes benefiting both Client and Contractor.  Terrex is pleased to introduce the SmartSolo® Nodal Recording System


SmartSolo is a lightweight, fast data download, high channel capacity seismic acquisition system which utilises a single point self-contained high sensitivity sensor that runs autonomously without the need for a wireless network, external batteries or separate data recorder.  This eliminates all cable and connections from the infield acquisition system which is the main cause for recording down time and labour costs.

With increased battery and memory life it is well suited to large field deployments for 3D surveys.   The more compact design, ease of field servicing and lighter weight makes harvesting, servicing and transportation easier.


With our long standing history of seismic innovation, once again we are leading the way in bringing new technology to Australia's seismic landscape.  As the only Australian-based seismic contractor with 28,000 SmartSolo Nodes, Terrex will be able to use SmartSolo to efficiently carry out a seismic survey ensuring:


  • Cost Effectiveness,
  • High Quality Data,
  • High Productivity,
  • Lower Environmental Footprint, and
  • Improved Health and Safety Outcomes