30 years Seismic Operations in Australia



By utilising the skills of Terrex Contracting operators, you are investing in experienced, knowledgeable operators with many years of experience, specifically in seismic line preparation. This results in quality line preparation, which ultimately benefits production.


All new operators hired must have extensive dozer experience and upon induction are comprehensively trained in seismic line work over a period of 6 months by a dedicated trainer with 20 years of experience. New inductees also complete training for minimal environmental impact, especially in relation to vegetation, fauna and water run off disturbance in Australian environments.


Management and Technical Support

Operations Manager, Crew Manager


Operations Personnel

Dozer Operators, Grader Operators, Offsider


Camp Personnel

Mechanic, Qualified Chef

Komatsu D65-16EO Dozer with Crew
Komatsu D65-16EO Dozer with Crew (1)
Terrex Contracting Camp