30 years Seismic Operations in Australia



Terrex Contracting equipment is subject to a comprehensive maintenance program, performed by on-site technicians.


Equipment is fitted with GPS navigation units and fire extinguishers, and feature air-conditioned cabs. There are strict HSE procedures in place on all three crews to ensure health and safety is at the forefront of all activities, these include pre-start equipment checks, keeping of records and reporting procedures.


Dozers, Graders, Prime Movers, Camp and Crew Support Equipment

4 x Komatsu D65-15EO / 16EO Dozers

3 x John Deere 672D/CH / 772 D 6x6 Motor Graders

10 x Toyota Landcruisers 4x4 and 4 Fuel / Service Vehicles

5 x Prime Movers

1 x International Transtar 6x4 Crane

2 x Low Loaders

3 x On-site Workshops

2 x Water Trucks and 1 x Trailers - 12,000L, 15,000L, 30,000L

1 x Fuel Truck and 2 x Fuel Trailers - 14,000L, 16,000L, 28,000L

2 x Self-contained Mobile Camps for up to 43 Personnel


All Terrex Contracting dozers are fitted with the latest Komtrax Monitoring System which monitors the machine through global satellite positioning and relays any abnormalities to the operator and to the Terrex Brisbane Operations Office

The Komtrax system monitors:

  • Hours worked
  • Services due
  • Machinery fault codes
  • Incorrect operations
  • Collates statistics for production analysis


This maximises the efficiency, safety and positioning accuracy for all Terrex Contracting operations

John Deere 672 D-CH 6X6 Motor Grader
John Deere 672 D-CH 6X6 Motor Grader
John Deere 672 D-CH 6X6 Motor Grader
John Deere 672 D-CH 6X6 Motor Grader
Komatsu D65- 15EO Dozers
Komatsu D65- 16EO Dozer
Komatsu D65-15EO Dozer
Komatsu D65-16EO Dozer
Komatsu D65-16EO Dozer with Crew
Komatsu D65-16EO Dozer with Crew (1)
Dozer walking across a gibber plain with its blade in the air
Terrex Contracting Camp
Terrex Contracting Equipment