30 years Seismic Operations in Australia

Terrex Geophysical


Terrex Geophysical is staffed by professional geophysicists with a combined total of over 100+ years domestic and international experience gained both in-field and in processing centres. The team is equipped with the latest computer technology and a range of survey design, mapping and data processing software, suitable for 2D, 3D and 4D surface seismic surveys and VSPs.


Terrex Geophysical was established to bring the "science of seismic" back into onshore acquisition. Through the application of geophysical fundamentals and extensive acquisition experience, Terrex Geophysical is able to optimise client's seismic programs through pre-planning, start-up testing and infield processing. At all times, Terrex Geophysical aims to ensure that clients obtain the highest quality and most cost effective seismic data possible.


For more complex projects or those requiring substantial in-field geophysics capabilities, Terrex Geophysical has two dedicated mobile-office processing units. Processing units are available for quick deployment for shorter projects.



Our experienced geophysical professionals provide assistance to ensure the geophysical objectives of surveys are achieved while minimising associated expenditure.   These benefits ...



Terrex have assembled two dedicated in-field QC mobile office units with state of the art computer systems based around the Globe Claritas data processing system and OMNI survey design and ...



The Terrex Geophysical crew consists of a team of experienced In-field Geophysicists, who operate two dedicated processing trailers in the field. In addition to the in-field QC ...