30 years Seismic Operations in Australia



Our experienced geophysical professionals provide assistance to ensure the geophysical objectives of surveys are achieved while minimising associated expenditure.


These benefits include:


  • An increased level of quality control, with more sophisticated analyses and without adding additional burden to the recording crew


  • The ability to review processed seismic data during the acquisition phase, providing the opportunity to adjust acquisition parameters where appropriate


  • The in-field application of the initial pre-processing steps and generation of additional data such as initial velocities, reducing the turnaround time in the processing centre


Terrex Geophysical offers the following services:

  • 2D and 3D survey design and parameter selection
  • Processing and analysis of start-up parameter tests
  • In-field survey planning and analysis of coverage prior to shooting
  • Additional In-field QC quality control of seismic, navigation and auxiliary datasets
  • Completing first pass processing of the seismic data
  • Project tracking and reporting