30 years Seismic Operations in Australia



Terrex have assembled two dedicated in-field QC mobile office units with state of the art computer systems based around the Globe Claritas data processing system and OMNI survey design and planning software, augmented with additional packages for GIS mapping and data management. The system utilises a Z800 HP Linux Server equipped with Dual Quad-core processors with 24Gb of RAM and 12Gb of Raided hard-disk storage. Other major components include LTO and IBM3592 tape drives, NAS backup disk drives and a large format plotter.


The Geophysics team also use a range of data processing and survey planning software to ensure an additional level of quality control is maintained whilst in the field.


Processing Capabilities

  • HP Z800  Linux server, with 2 additional hi-spec PC workstations
    Claritas (2D/3D) data processing software
  • OMNI-3D survey design / project planning software
  • GlobalMapper , Textpad, Copy+ etc
  • LTO-3 and 3592 tape drives and BlueRay writers
  • Wide format plotter
  • UPS support and Raided NAS for data security