30 years Seismic Operations in Australia



Australian owned and operated, Terrex has been operating continuously in Australia for over 30 years.


Terrex provide a one-stop-shop for "World's Best Practice" onshore seismic acquisition, with all essential services provided in-house. We are the largest supplier of land seismic acquisition services in Australia and have conducted over 900 programs.


Terrex owns the largest fleet of onshore seismic sources in Australia, from ultra-light, 15,000lb Peak Force low impact 4x4 EnviroVibes to highway legal 50,000lb Peak Force 6x6 Truck Vibrators and 60,000lb Peak Force 4x4 Articulated Buggy Vibrators suitable for desert operations. We offer clients a range of seismic source options that are specifically suited to the terrain and any accessibility constraints. These source options may include man-portable, heliportable, 4x4 tractor mounted and 6x6 heavy truck mounted drills and weight drop units.


In addition to these options, we are able to offer purpose-built acquisition crews, designed to enable seismic clients the largest geographical reach, including all-terrain remote desert crews, road crews and low-environmental impact crews.


Terrex aims to continually utilize and develop the latest technology, including:


  • High resolution 3D acquisition (point source - point receiver methodology)
  • Source driven acquisition for 2D and 3D
  • Point source acquisition using hi-force seismic vibrators
  • Heliportable vibrator and shot-hole dynamite source 2D and 3D
  • Multi-component 3D acquisition
  • Cable less 2D and 3D seismic recording systems
  • Improved real-time acquisition quality control
  • Varisweep sweep technology
  • Stakeless real time GPS Surveying
Back crew picking up geophones
Back crew picking up geophones (1)
Back crew picking up a full set of geophones
Back crew picking up geophones (2)
Environmentally diverse conditions on crew
Front crew stomping a complete set of geophones
Fuel tanker
Scooping up geophones
Scooping up geophones (1)
Sunset over Australian landscape
Support Vehicles
Terrex Seismic desert Camp
Terrex Seismic desert camp (1)
Terrex Seismic IO AHV-IV vibroseis truck
Terrex Seismic IO AHV-IV vibroseis trucks back view
Terrex Seismic IO AHV-IV vibroseis trucks
Terrex Seismic IO AHV-IV vibroseis trucks (1)
Terrex Seimsic Mobilisation
Terrex Vehicles