Terrex Spatial attends Local Government Conference

Terrex Spatial attends Local Government Conference

Terrex Spatial recently attended the 117th LGAQ Annual Conference held at the Cairns Convention Centre where we had the opportunity to meet with and discuss the Surveying and GIS needs of local governments, subcontractors and service providers.


Since 2002, Terrex Spatial (formerly Dynamic Satellite Surveys) has been continuously upgradingDigital Cadastral Databases(DCDBs) for various Australian local councils and have adjusted more than 300,000 cadastral parcels to date. Terrex Spatial has the experience and commitment to achieve the most precise DCDB upgrades. The dedicated GIS team are fully trained and professionally qualified in using industry and custom developed GIS software.


All necessary elements are completed in-house, with each project completed internally within Terrex Spatial. A typical DCDB upgrade project involves the following processes:


  • Field surveys are coordinated to capture cadastrally-connected ground control by GPS.
  • Updating the database is completed by entering metes and bounds for all cadastral parcel boundaries, with cadastral corners linked to accurate ground control from Survey Plans.  The data entry process also detects and corrects original DCDB errors caused by manually digitising, survey plan errors, and other systematic errors.
  • The data is analysed and a Least Squares Adjustment is performed.
  • Quality checks are carried out at each stage, edits performed, and a final seamless model is produced.


All field surveys are coordinated directly in relation to the processing of the data set, ensuring all completed projects are produced in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


The final product is able to be upgraded to an accuracy of up to 50mm or better (at the 95% confidence interval).


Once the base layer DCDB has been upgraded, Terrex Spatial can then migrate all other layers, such as Roads, Sewerage Layers (mains, point, connection lines, valves), Water Layers (hydrants, mains, reducers, services, valves), Easements, House numbers, Garbage collection, Land Assets, National Parks and others to fit with the new model.